About Manul Technologies

Open Source : Together we are stronger and go further

As for any company, the priority number one is the satisfaction of our clients but this is not the only one.

For Manul Technologies, open sourcing is the key to solve a lot of problematics :

  • Maintain and upgrade code (or design for electronics).
  • Security and risk analysis of the code or products by people who also have the required skills.
  • For electronics, make all the design informations available allow easier fix when hardware issues appear and limits electronics waste.
  • A way for everyone to learn how code or object work.

That is why, all Manul Technologies products, consumer electronics or software, are developped as open source projects.

About me

Thibaut Delguste

Founder and owner of Manul Technologies.

Bachelor degree in Applied Electronics

Except my skills in electronics (PCB design, prototyping, etc), I’m also an embedded programmer. I usually work with Arduino for fast prototyping but I’m comfortable with Embedded C and C++ as well as MicroPython.
My favorite MCU is the ESP32 for its variaty of applications.

I’m also a Mobile, Desktop and Web developper. I can work with C# and Dart (Flutter) for Windows and Dart (Flutter) for Apple’s OS, Linux, Android and Web.